Tie-dye Silk

At Kravan House we are the Cambodian tie-dyed silk specialists. Our range of tie-dye includes superbly soft silk scarves and a range of elegant coordinated accessories in many colors. Our designs and use of color are inspired by the natural world and include lotus flowers, foliage and animal skins. Our talented dyers create superb patterns on silk that our artisans  then make into bags and purses. Their sense of color is outstanding. Each piece is unique.

Tie-dye hand-loomed silk scarves with triangle pattern

Animal skin inspiration

Tie-dye animal skin inspired design on hand-loomed silk in tones of yellow and grey

Our printed silk inspired by animal skins is one of our most popular lines. Our dyers generally work with two colors of dye and achieve patterns of great depth and subtlety. Every length is unique so every product made from the fabrics is unique.

The tie-dye effects are varied and beautiful – we stock a large range

Beautifully coordinated accessories can be worn together or separately.

Hand tie-dye silk makes beautiful and truly unique jewellery and accessories
Elegant clutch purse made from tie-dye hand-loomed silk
Everything from clutches to totes are made in tie-dye silk
Another animal skin inspired design as a scarf
The same design as above in a bag

Flowers Inspiration

The lotus blossom is synonymous with Cambodia. It can be seen floating on waterways throughout the country.

Lotus blossom tie-dye is exquisite

Other design Inspiration

Another range of tie-dye silk

zig zag

Tie-dye hand-loomed silk in two-tone zig-zag design