Our scarf range is amazing! We have silk, cotton and cotton/silk blend scarves in various sizes and thickness. We are silk specialists and our stock is guaranteed authentically hand-loomed in Cambodia. Kravan House stocks both ‘white silk’ and ‘Golden Silk’. Our weavers live in a number of different regions of Cambodia. Staff can explain the different weights and provenance of our scarves. Learn more about Golden Silk here.

Tie-dyed silk scarves

Our artisans create beautiful and diverse patterns with tie-dye techniques.

These scarves are outstandingly popular and come in a wide range of colors.
Geometric tie-dye
Lightweight silk scarves tie-dyed in vibrant colors – these large scarves are stunning

Cambodia has a long history of both silk production and high skilled weaving. Many people still have looms in the area underneath their raised wooden houses and work from there. Silk has become increasingly expensive and demand in the market places varies. In recent years a number of weavers have shifted to cotton or cotton/silk blends.

Weft and weave dyed silk scarves

We many different types of silk scarves including natural dyed, single color and multi-color

Golden Silk scarves

Incredibly beautiful scarves hand-loomed from authentic Cambodian Golden Silk

Cotton Jacquard scarves

Cotton jacquard scarves in traditional eaves – diamond pattern
More examples of colors available in jacquard cotton scarves

Textured cotton

Our weavers are constantly innovating and creating new weaves for contemporary tastes


This is a beautiful scarf for the tropics or warm weather – the cotton is light and absorbent and the silk gives lustre and lovely feel. Available in a range of subtle, earthy colors

These silk/cotton scarves are roughly a 35/65% blend with silk woven in alternating warp and weft bands