Printed fabrics

Kravan House produces its own fabric designs that  are hand-printed onto fabric by employees. The various designs draw upon nature and Khmer culture for inspiration. These are then hand-printed using screens (formerly called silk-screen printing) onto silk and cotton. Kravan House has around 10 of its own designs and can also commission print for partners. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


Lotus leaf design hand-printed on hand-loomed silk
Lotus print on a silk bag
Leaf design hand-printed on hand-loomed silk
Our first leaf design

The base cloths

Base fabrics printed upon are either hand-loomed silk or lengths of up-cycled cotton sourced from local markets. The garment factories operating in Cambodia are one of the country’s major industries. Many major brands have their apparel manufactured in Cambodia and high quality remaindered fabrics in a wonderful range of colors find their way into markets.

A fern design hand-printed on silk