Hand-woven cotton

Our range of handwoven cotton products is growing as our weavers expand their practice. We now stock scarves, bed throws and accessories. The cotton textiles vary in thickness, texture, complexity of design and color.

Traditional jacquard weaves

We stock a range of woven cotton scarves and blankets. They come in various weights. Those shown below are in medium to heavy weight and ideal for cool climates.



Jacquard weave cotton in traditional diamond pattern

Rustic weave

Hand-loomed can be refined, it can also be rustic. The weavers vary weight and texture through  using different warp and weft threads.

Scarves with a chequerboard design using the same warp and weft threads


Accessories made from hand-loomed cotton ikat

Ikat is a technique of weaving pre-dyed threads, usually the weft threads. It is found throughout SE Asia and in Cambodia was exclusively done with silk. Incredibly intricate designs were created and all had meaning. Wedding dresses and formal clothes for men and women were always made from silk ikat. Due to a decline in popularity in silk for clothing weavers were encouraged to try weaving cotton ikat.  Kravan House stocks a range of products made from cotton ikat including accessories and homewares. See more about the Cambodian Ikat here in our section on traditional textiles.